February 21, 2024

Sunbrook Golf Course Review

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A city owned municipal golf course that has historically earned a four and a half star rating from Golf Digest?  C’mon, no way.  Only privately owned, expensive country club type courses are good enough to rate that high.

Well, it’s true.  Seriously.  Let me introduce you to your new favorite golf course – Sunbrook Golf Course in St. George, Utah.

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Sunbrook Golf Course in Saint George isn’t your normal course.  Why?  Well, in addition to consistently being ranked in the list of top golf courses in Utah by the likes of Golf Digest and others, Sunbrook is almost three courses in one.  Sunbrook Golf Course is 27 championship level holes in total.  Each of the 3 sets of 9 holes have a unique personality including how they look and play.  The three groups of 9 holes distinctly leverage a piece of the unique southern Utah scenery: the red sandstone cliffs and white face of Snow Canyon, the majestic Pine Valley Mountain, and the rolling fields of black lava rock.

The Pointe Nine -Along with Woodridge, The Pointe was originally opened in 1990.  The Pointe gives duffers the most scenic views.  The view of Green Valley from the top of the bluff is beautiful (incidentally, St. George Vacation Rentals at Green Valley or Sports Village Vacation Rentals are a great place to stay while you’re in St. George).

The Pointe’s name was derived from its most famous hole – #5.  The fifth hole starts with a little dogleg and ends on a green that allows perhaps the best landscape views in St. George.  Below this spectacular vista lies a green which demands a perfect shot in order not to fall prey to the cliffs that surround it on three sides.   The Point’s #5 hole is a 320-yard par 4 next to a desert cliff.   If you miss to the left, your ball will drop roughly 100 feet down to the #2 hole below.  The Pointe also provides multiple water hazards and some holes that you’ll have to decide if you want to gamble or take a lay up shot.  We say take the risk and shoot away.  If you miss, take a mulligan.  Just tell your golfing partner GolfSaintGeorge.com said you could.

Woodbridge Nine – The Pointe and Woodbridge were designed by well known Californian architect Ted Robinson.  The Woodbridge #4 hole is one of two can’t miss Utah golf holes sunbrook golf course St. George Utahthat are part of the Woodbridge Nine.  The #4 is a par 3 with an elevated tee shot to an island green. The island green is large, but it’s still easy to plunk your golf ball in the water.

The Woodbridge Nine ironically also gets its name via the #5 hole. After teeing off from a bluff overlooking the island from the previous hole, golfers have to hit the ball well enough to make it over a lake featuring a beautiful country-style wooden bridge. Once you find the landing area post the lake, you still need to make a good, long approach shot to hit the well-guarded green.

Blackrock Nine – The Black Rock Nine is carved out of black lava rock from extinct volcanoes, hence the name Blackrock Nine. Architect John Harbottle designed the Blackrock nine, which was completed in 1997.

The #7 par 4 is the most memorable hole in the Blackrock Nine.  The tee box is surrounded by lava.  The second shot has to make it over more volcanic remains plus avoid a small lake strategically placed just to the right of the green. Be careful – golf balls have a tendency to ricochet long distances when they land on a piece of hard lava rock.  Plus, it’s pretty difficult to find a playable lie in a field of lava chunks.

Which of the nine holes will be your favorite?  Well, you’ll have to play all of them to find out.  And after you have, take the poll to the right and also leave a comment/review at the bottom of the page to share your thoughts.

I’m guessing the poll won’t show a consensus favorite over time – we’ll find out!  It’s almost like picking the best-looking girl in a Playboy with 3 Playmates – each one is beautiful and you can’t go wrong either way.  Wait, maybe I should you use a more Utah appropriate analogy … ah, never mind.  Apologies non-the-less if you were offended.  Perhaps I can make it up to you with this discount Sunbrook Tee Times link (expired):

If you pay for 18 holes, Sunbrook will allow you to choose which of the two sets of nine holes you want to tackle.  Regardless of your choice, you’ll be amazed at how affordable Sunbrook is.  No doubt, you get your money’s worth at Sunbrook, and then some.

Just try to get this high-quality of a golf course for such a good price in Vegas.   Oh wait, you can’t.  No wonder so many visitors to Las Vegas jump in their rental cars and drive the 100 miles to play this course and others in St. George, Utah.   We think they should just stay in St. George the next time they visit the west.  In fact, some people play Sun Brook, and then fall in love with St. George and end up staying permanently in their new retirement location.

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