August 11, 2022

Summer Golf in St. George Helps You Save Money

Sand Hollow bunkers Hurricane UtahSummer Golf in St. George Helps You Save Money

If you are thinking of going on a golf adventure this summer, then the best place to go to is St. George. This is especially recommended for those who are looking to save some money. Playing golf in St. George costs 40 to 70 percent less than what you will pay during the peak season. From the hotel accommodation, food, and everything, you can greatly save a good amount of money if you head to St. George for your golfing adventure. But then again, since it is summer, then you have to be prepared to beat the heat.

Best Time to Play Golf

When playing golf in St. George, you have to keep in mind that the tee time will start around 6 AM during the summer months. If you could possibly play before 9 AM, then you could finish in less than four hours and even less than that in most cases. Finishing 18 holes right before the real heat will kick in is the best way to beat the summer heat. Some golfers are already teed up at around 8:20 AM, right before the summer heat begins to set in.

Playing early in the morning gives you a chance to enjoy the magnificent views of lush greens and fairways including the red rock views within the golf course. If you’re lucky, the temperature during summer in St. George will not go more than 100 degrees even during around 1 PM when the heat is at its peak.

Hydrate Yourself in Every Third Hole

You will find that the golf courses in St. George certainly understand the importance of hydration especially at this time of the year. This is the reason why they have purified ice water station in every third hole. Thus, if you want a more enjoyable game in the course, then take advantage of this awesome privilege.

It is also a great idea to bring in some fresh towels which you can soak in the ice cold water which you can use to wrap on your neck if the heat gets too high. This can somehow help to lower down the heat and makes your body to feel more comfortable, allowing you to focus on your game and enjoy even more.

Abundance of Tee Times

There are several tee times available in St. George even during the early morning hours. In fact, the early morning hours are the best time of the day to enjoy your game.

There are also golf guides that you can find on the golf courses in St. George that can provide you with the best tips when it comes to golfing during summer. The guides will also give you quick access to all of the local golf courses that you can book in St. George.

So if you want to save money on your golfing adventure in St. George, then book during summer. What’s great about going there in the summer is that you can avoid the crowd and you will have a more enjoyable time with your friends.

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