August 11, 2022

Southgate Golf Course Damage from Virgin River Flooding

Southgate Golf Course Damage from Virgin River Flooding

Heavy rainfalls have caused the roads all over Utah to shut down last month. Heavy flooding has plagued all of St. George as well as the surrounding areas. The Virgin River is said to be the main source of the flooding and water was sent splashing all over the roadways. Thankfully, almost all of the water has receded at night although there was a lot of mess that got left behind.

Mud Caked Roads

According to one resident in St. George, there has been mud all over the place right after the flood has receded and because of this, most roads have only one lane and some roads have been totally closed. This has caused inconvenience to so many people traveling on the busy roads of St. George. The Dixie Drive is one of the roads that have been covered with mud and the sidewalk has become unrecognizable. In Santa Clara, several mud puddles can also be found on the roadways.

Heavy Flooding

According to some Washington County officials, the thunderstorms have dropped about 1.5 inches to 3 inches of rain within the area which is the reason behind the heavy flooding. The Virgin River has risen to 7,102 cubic feet per second from 150 cubic feet per second within just three hours. During the summer, the river seemed like a stream, but now, it has become a full fledged river which overwhelmed a lot of residents in the area. Such drastic water coming from the Virgin River has unfortunately ruined the famous Southgate Golf Course.

Months before it’s back to Normal

The destruction of the Southgate Golf Course has saddened a lot of golf enthusiasts who frequent the famous golf course. The famous golf course is one of the most visited sites in St. George and each year, golfers from all over the world would come to play in this stunning golf course. But according to Doug Davis of Southgate Golf Course, the heavy flooding is truly devastating since it keeps on happening over again and they are left wondering how and when they are going to get back to normal since the water from the Virgin River keeps on ruining the golf course and is ripping it apart. He added that given the amount of destruction, it would probably take several months before the golf course operations will be back to normal.

As of this writing, all of the roads that have been closed within St. George, as well as those in Santa Clara have now been operational so travelers can now pass through the roads within this area without any hassles. Some of the roads that used to have one lane have now been back to two lanes and more since the mud puddles on the road ways have now been wiped off.

As of this writing, there are very few signs of the devastation that happened, except in the Southgate Golf Course. Life is now back to normal and roads are now passable.

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