February 21, 2024

Southern Utah Golf Course Location Map

Google map of all the golf courses locations in and near St. George, Utah. Click on the little green golf guys for more information on the course.

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There are 13 golf courses in southern Utah in or near St. George, UT. Sometimes Sand Hollow, Apple Valley, and Sky Mountain don’t show up when you first open the page. Just hit the right arrow button and the map will move. Or, hit the negative sign and the map will show a bigger view.

Play this game! – See if you can guess which golf course goes to what green golf guy location. After you’ve made your guesses, click on any of the little green golf guys to see which course the location is mapping. Did you get all 13 right? If so, you’re a St. George golf professional for sure. That means you should be entering golf course reviews. Have you written reviews for the courses you’ve played? If no, do it now – visitors to both this site and to St. George will appreciate your shared knowledge.
St. George Golf Course Reviews
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Southern Utah Golf Course Location Map