May 20, 2022

Seattle Times Writes About St. George in Their Travel Section

The-Seattle-TimesSeattle Times Talked Positively About St. George in Their Travel Section

St. George, Utah was featured on Seattle Times’ Travel Section in November because of the magnificent views that the place features. From the well-manicured and very spacious golf course to the thrilling cliffs in Zion National Park, St. George features both ambient and thrilling environment on a single place.

  • Sand Hollow Golf Resort

St. George’s golf resort is quite a spotless expanse of ample green terrain which makes the place a year-round golf destination. Without almost any trees or water, it eliminates the chances that would frustrate golfers for lost balls and wet shoes. Sand Hollow is a great place for challenges because of its vast terrains, patches of deserts, high red bunkers and four sets of tees.

This golf resort is considered the best golf destination in the area. With its advantageous high elevation and dry fairways, golfers will enjoy more enjoyable and farther shots.

  • Angels Landing

Aside from the rolling terrains on the golf course, St. George also boasts of its high cliffs that are really heart-thumping. The trail that tourists are going to pass on the high cliffs of Zion National Park will really give chills down the spine.

But though the cliffs are high and the trails are narrow, the breathtaking scenery after the 5.48-mile hike is worth it. Hikers could see the 360 degree view below from where they stand – a small summit just a size of a small lot. But even though the summit is small and the trails are narrow, many people from around the world are already lining up to take the challenge and experience this breathtaking adventure.

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