April 23, 2024

St. George, Utah Golf Course Reviews

There are a lot of beautiful golf courses in St. George, Utah. In fact, often too many to play during one vacation to Southern Utah. Saint George golf course reviews can help you decide which courses to play during your trip. So read the reviews. And, after you've experienced a course, please come back and leave your feedback. We're sure the next golfer to read the reviews will value your opinion!

Entrada Golf Course Review

The word “Entrada” means “the best golf course for many miles” in the language of the ancient Anasazi Indians, who once inhabited the area that now incorporates the Entrada development.
We’re kidding of course.  But, there may be a sliver of truth in our jest.
Entrada actually is the Spanish word for “entrance”.  The developers choose the […]

SunRiver Golf Course Review

You should be able to nail all kinds of birds on the SunRiver Golf Course.  Golf birdies and actual real birds too.
Just joking about the real birds, of course.  Well, kind of.  Between the ninth and eighteenth holes in the center of Sun River is nice lake.   The lake at times is visited by […]

Valderra Golf Course Review at The Ledges

The Ledges Golf Course, now known as Valderra Golf Club at The Ledges, was created to surround what was hoped to be southern Utah’s premier neighborhood.  Fans of Entrada will object, of course, and claim that while The Ledges is a beautiful development, Entrada is the top upscale real estate in St. George.  We’ll let […]

Sunbrook Golf Course Review

A city owned municipal golf course that has historically earned a four and a half star rating from Golf Digest?  C’mon, no way.  Only privately owned, expensive country club type courses are good enough to rate that high.
Well, it’s true.  Seriously.  Let me introduce you to your new favorite golf course – Sunbrook Golf Course […]

St. George Golf Club Review| Bloomington Hills

St. George Golf Club is the golf course formally known as Bloomington Hills Golf Course.  The original course owners had a hard time keeping up with the costs of golf course maintenance.  Most likely they used the golf course, which opened in 1976, as a way to sell home building lots in the then new […]

Southgate Golf Course Review

Southgate Golf Course has gone through numerous changes since it was originally built in 1970.  Some of the major course redesign work was city planned to open up prime business commercial property on Hilton Drive along I-15.  Mother Nature unfortunately has also had her way with Southgate Golf Club a few times, and altered the […]

Dixie Red Hills Golf Course Review

When naming a golf course, sometimes the obvious is the best way to go.  That’s the case with Dixie Red Hills.  Just look at the picture to the left – amazing, right?  Well, the real course lives up to the picture.  The actual red hills with jagged rock cliff sides are beautiful and stunning in […]

Bloomington Golf Course Review

Bloomington is a St. George neighborhood a short 3 miles south of the city center on the west side of Interstate 15.  Bloomington was originally established in 1870, but largely abandoned in the 1930’s due to issues with flash floods from the Virgin River.  In 1969, the Bloomington community was redeveloped around the Bloomington Golf […]