February 21, 2024

Bloomington Golf Course Review

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Bloomington Golf Course Water FountainBloomington is a St. George neighborhood a short 3 miles south of the city center on the west side of Interstate 15.  Bloomington was originally established in 1870, but largely abandoned in the 1930’s due to issues with flash floods from the Virgin River.  In 1969, the Bloomington community was redeveloped around the Bloomington Golf Course.

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Bloomington Country Club’s course was the second golf course developed in St. George.  For a while, Bloomington was considered both the best course, and best neighborhood in the city.  Beautiful homes were built around the golf course, and Bloomington became the most luxurious place to live in southern Utah.  As the neighborhood and golf course have both aged, other communities and courses have subsequently passed Bloomington in prestige (Entrada, The Ledges, etc.).

Bloomington Golf Course St. George UtahAge, while often not friendly to neighborhoods, isn’t necessarily bad for a golf course.  The Bloomington course shows a vegetation maturity that most courses in southern Utah won’t see for many years.  Trees that have forty plus years of growth line the fairways, while the course grass has matured with above average texture and playability.  The putting greens at Bloomington Golf Course are usually in excellent shape and are known for true and forgiving ball action.  Bloomington itself is surrounded by beautiful, striking red rock plateaus, which provide a background that is fairly typical for St. George but completely unique for the balance of the U.S.

The Bloomington golf course was designed by William Neff, ASGCA, for maximum playability in a classic style layout.  The 18-hole, 6,486 yard, par 72 course is spread out over two Bloomington Golf Course Utahhundred acres of lush Bermuda grass over seeded with winter rye.  The course rating is 72.0 and it has a slope rating of 122.  Bloomington golf course’s unique par 3s make up for length with a number of hazards, elevation changes and other twists and turns. In addition, five distinct tee locations provides challenging variety for more advanced golfers.  You can comfortably walk or ride the course.

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Overall, average players find Bloomington to be challenging, but not overly difficult.  “Playable challenge” is a quote you may hear to describe the course by locals.  “Player-friendly” without being “easy” is another common description. You can also read the comments below for additional course feedback from actual players like you.

Bloomington Golf Course FairwayIf you’ve had the pleasure of playing a round on Bloomington golf course, please leave a review below in the comments section.  Potential future players of the course will appreciate your time.  What is your overall feedback on the course?  What makes Bloomington stand-out, both good and bad?  How is Bloomington unique compared to other courses you’ve played?  Any favorite holes or features?  You get the idea, and thanks for comments in advance.

As Bloomington Country Club is one of the only private member’s clubs in southern Utah, can you even play the course if you’re not a member?  Bloomington is a private equity facility golf course with a ‘Open to Public’ guest policy.  That basically means you can play if you arrive with a member and pay a guest fee, or have a member call and tell the course that you are their guest.  Pond on Bloomington Golf Course

We know there are players that want to experience every course in southern Utah.  So if you really want to try the course, the trick is to befriend a member of the Country Club.  It’s not that hard.  Perhaps offer to buy lunch to a friendly face in the parking lot if they’ll let you join their group for a round.Golfing Bloomington Country Club

Or, if you are moving to St. George, you could join the club.  Bloomington Country Club membership information is here.

There is a driving range onsite situated alongside a bend in the Virgin River.  The course also has golf lessons and clinics available. Members of Bloomington Country Club can leverage the locker rooms and storage facilities for clubs and golf carts.

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