August 11, 2022

Billy Casper Golf Academy in St. George, Utah

Billy Casper Golf Academy in St. George, Utah

Golf legend Billy Casper has been known to offer summer golf camps for adults and kids for more than 21 years now. Recently, he has launched the first ever Billy Casper Golf Academy that is located right at the picturesque golf club in St. George, the Ledges Golf Club.

Elegant Golf Academy

If you are looking for a very elegant golf academy in St. George, then the Billy Casper Golf Academy would be the best choice. Beyond the majestic golf courses, you will have the opportunity to indulge in a wonderful golfing experience. You will get to play with several participants on the national parks, complete with beautiful weather in the background. A lot of the golf academies all throughout the world are often associated with a big name, but it is seldom for guests to be able to see or experience playing along with such a professional and legendary golfer.

What’s great about Billy Casper is that he enjoys interacting with golfers and in fact, he has developed close relationships with the guests at the Ledges Golf Club. Considered as one of the greatest golfers of all time, Casper is certainly the best person that can teach you everything about golf.

Modern Day Teaching Technologies

With Billy Casper Golf Academy, you will enjoy a lot of modern day teaching technologies which include readouts and visual aids to help you in achieving that perfect swing. You will be guided with a professional all day who will instruct you the best techniques in golf, until such time that you will be considered a pro on this game. With all the visual technologies that the academy will use to teach, there won’t be any reason why you will not end up a pro after you graduated from the golf academy.

Golf Classes to Choose From

Guests of the golf course can also enjoy half day golf schools as well as one day or three day golf schools. They also offer lessons for corporate groups and those in a retreat or educational tour. There are also individual lessons where you get to learn one on one with a professional golfer. The head golf instructors are Byron Casper and Nick McKinaly and both of them have more than forty years of experience.

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Billy Casper himself has struggled with golf when he suffered from a hand injury in 1963. Such injury has taken him off the tour for about three months. This tragic accident has him dealt with a lot of questions when he went back to his game. He was not sure if he can still hold up 72 holes or if he can handle the roughness of the game. He finds himself asking if he will still be the same golfer that people know. But when he won a game during an open invitational tournament in Hartford, Connecticut, all the doubts have faded and all the questions that were lingering on his mind were answered. This experience has made him realize that if you just persevere, you will, someday become as legendary as Casper in playing golf.

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