August 11, 2022

Drive to St. George Through Virgin River Gorge on I-15

There’s more to St. George than just the amazing golf courses. One of the most spectacular parts of a golf trip to Southern Utah is the drive from Las Vegas through Mesquite, Nevada to St. George, Utah.
I love this route! It’s awesome.  It means I’m on my way to a vacation and lots of great […]

AARP Includes St George Utah in Top 10 Retirement Locations| Golf Courses Help

AARP has included St. George, Utah in their “10 Great Sunny Places To Retire” 2012 list.  We’re not surprised as we’ve long known St. George was a favorite of those wanting to enjoy a beautiful, low-cost city in their remaining years.  Saint George has always been on the A-list for retirees seeking scenery and sunshine.
The […]

Entrada Golf Course and Club Sold To Home Owners Association Members

This is a sign of a golf real estate developer that did an awesome job – the home owners association wants to buy the golf course itself.
I know, I’ve never heard of that before either.
In this economy, there’s a lot of private golf club country clubs that are having a tough time attracting or even […]

Senior Golfers Should Avoid Injury When Playing Golf in St. George Utah

 Golf is a sport that can be played and enjoyed by a wide variety of people from many age groups, but there are special considerations for the over 50 set. The scenery is often peaceful and serene with long, green fairways and trees, deserts, or even oceans forming the backdrop. It may be easy to […]

Tips on Playing Golf in the Hot St. George Desert Sun

  There are many tips for staying safe in the sun, and many tips for how to improve your golf game, but what if you would like to do both at the same time? Golf is a sport that is played outdoors in many different settings, climates and weather conditions around the world, so what […]

Jay Don Blake: Native St. George Golfer that made it all the Way to Professional PGA Player

Jay Don Blake cemented his status as the most successful Utah native golfer with his win at the Songdo IBD Championship on September 18, 2011.  Blake was in an amazing fashion, going into a four-way playoff on the final day and outlasting great players such as Mark O’Meara and John Cook for his first Champion’s […]

Why Golfers Think St. George Utah is a Great Retirement Location

If you look at many lists for the best places to retire, you will find St. George Utah near the top of the list.  Why would an unknown city in Utah be considered as such?  For golfers the question is an easy one to answer: St. George is Utah’s golf capital.
St. George Utah has some […]

Drinking in St. George| Can You Have a Beer on the Golf Course?

Even though St. George is 300 miles away from Salt Lake City, and is actually closer to Las Vegas, it’s still part of the state of Utah.  Obviously then, St. George follows Utah state laws.  That includes the stiff alcohol laws.
The good news is you can still have a beer on St. George golf courses.  […]

Directions to Saint George Utah by Car and Air

St. George, southern Utah’s largest city, is located within easy driving distance to seven National Parks and numerous State Parks and National Monuments.
Getting to St. George by car is easy.  Just find I-15.  Saint George is located 300 miles south of Salt Lake City and 110 miles north of Las Vegas on I-15.
But you’re visiting […]

St. George is Listed in Fortune Magazine “Where to Retire” Retirement Guide

Fortune magazine June 13, 2011 issue includes St. George, Utah in its “Where to Retire” retirement guide.
St. George was listed as #3 overall under “For nature lover: mountain towns”. We’re not sure about the “mountain towns” description as most Utahans consider northern Utah by the Wasatch Mountains to by the mountain town area of […]